Standing Room Only at Chula Vista Small Business Seminar with Councilman McCann

Over 200 members of the Chula Vista business community attended my first Board of Equalization Small Business Seminar. Working with Councilman John McCann we were able to deliver to this standing room only audience the information they need to succeed as a business in California. I was impressed with the flourishing business scene in Chula Vista and owners of companies that ranged from floral shops to swimsuit designers. I had the pleasure of meeting REALTOR® Nathan Jones from Big Block Realty, and hearing about the housing market and tasting the delicious coffee and treats provided to attendees by Agave Coffee. Evan Taylor who manages the popular and emerging coffee shop Agave told me they are trying their model coffee shop in Chula Vista and if all goes well they will open up two more locations throughout San Diego County. Always love to hear about job creators brewing up more jobs! Meeting with these two gentlemen and every taxpayer who attended the seminar reminded me of the enormous amount of talent and entrepreneurial spirit that makes Southern California great.

Thank you to my talented BOE staff that put on the seminar with Councilman John McCann and the City of Chula Vista staff. Our important work is to deliver education rather than enforcement as we partner to create golden opportunities for job creators and taxpayers.

Welcoming a room full of small business owners and entrepreneurs
Meeting with Councilman John McCann who helped co-sponsor the seminar
Evan Taylor at the DELICIOUS Agave Coffee shop in Chula Vista
Talking with Nathan Jones, one of the hundreds of attendees at our first seminar in Chula Vista

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