Business on the Border

Team Harkey on U.S. territory in the secured “no man zone” between the Mexico and U.S. border.



In the 1990’s the United States border between San Diego and Mexico was non-existent. The lack of security and respect for private property rights made doing business on the border difficult and at times dangerous.
In 2004, the Federal government made the necessary investments to establish a recognized border and build a border fence. The secured border and increase of Border Patrol Agents gave business owners the security they needed to bring business back to the border. The business outreach program implemented by Border Patrol created a partnership with businesses on both sides of the border to better protect them and the businesses succeed. The hard work and dedication of our Border Patrol agents who risk their lives on a daily basis have transformed the border strip into a thriving business community. This past January I had the pleasure of touring the border and seeing these transformations first hand as well as understanding the challenges ahead.

In my new role on the Board of Equalization, representing Orange County to the border, I was proud to see that business at the border is back and booming! With a secure border farmers returned to their land and are bring their crops to the market, new and safe housing communities in have been developed up to the border fence, and business like Las Americas Premium Outlet Centre, which features high-end stores catering to both American and Mexican customers, are flourishing. A strong and safe border has led to a booming business community.

BOE Member Harkey with Border Patrol Agents (LT) Brandon Cazares and (RT) Payam Tanaomi



While balancing the safety of Americans and the needs of the business community Border Patrol has done a remarkable job reducing border crossing times from over two hours to thirty minutes. They have worked hard with leaders from the U.S. and Mexico to build the strong fence as well as bridges of opportunities for our job creators. One such bridge is the border crossing bridge that will connect international travelers from Tijuana’s International Airport to U.S. businesses. These opportunities that were made possible the excellent work of Border Patrol will generate more tax revenue ultimately funding California’s future. Thank you to the men and women of Border Patrol for risking their lives to keep America safe as well as the businesses on the border that are creating jobs. This is another golden opportunity for California’s job creators and taxpayers.

Las Americas Premium Outlet Mall with Tijuana in the background.


Border bridge construction from Tijuana Airport to the U.S.





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