Happy President’s Day

On this Presidents’ Day we reflect back on the great men who have led America. In keeping with this spirit we have compiled a list of Presidential quotes on taxes for your enjoyment.

No taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant.
– George Washington

I want the people of America to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves. I want them to have the rewards of their own industry: That this is the chief meaning of freedom.
– Calvin Coolidge

The most damaging thing you can do to any businessman in America is to keep him in doubt, and to keep him guessing, on what our tax policy is.
– Lyndon B. Johnson

The taxing power of government must be used to provide revenues for legitimate government purposes. It must not be used to regulate the economy or bring about social change. We’ve tried that, and surely we must be able to see it doesn’t work.
– Ronald Reagan

The tax on capital gains directly affects investment decisions, the mobility and flow of risk capital the ease or difficulty experienced by new ventures in obtaining capital and thereby the strength and potential for growth in the economy.
– John F. Kennedy

The method of raising revenue ought not to impede the transaction of business; it ought to encourage it.
– Calvin Coolidge


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