Business is Booming in Beaumont

The Cities of Beaumont and Banning are some of the fastest growing cities in California. To help the budding businesses in the Beaumont and Banning region succeed, Board of Equalization (BOE) Member Diane L. Harkey put on a Small Business Seminar that taught these small business owners the tools they need to successfully operate in California. Over 100 business owners, including real estate offices to an engraving shop, packed the Beaumont City Hall to attend the seminar and get answers to important questions ranging from how to use the new California Manufacturing Tax Credit to best practices for bookkeeping.

This tremendously successful seminar was co-sponsored by the City of Beaumont, the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, California State Senator Mike Morrell, and Assemblyman Chad Mayes. The Mayor of Beaumont Brenda Knight kicked off the program by proudly proclaiming Beaumont is open for business.

BOE Member Harkey spoke with the packed crowd of entrepreneurs noting that maneuvering the complex business regulations of California is hard enough and that her office would take every step possible to make it easier for them to prosper.

Member Harkey met with the very impressive leadership of Beaumont, dedicated city staff members, and enjoyed reading the Chamber of Commerce’s regional weekly newspaper The Record Gazette.

Thank you to the business owners that attended the seminar and are for creating the golden opportunities and jobs that make our community better every day.

From left: Beaumont Communications Director Ashley Starr, Beaumont Mayor Brenda Knight, Beaumont City Manager Alan Kapanicas and Board Member Harkey.




From left: Board Member Diane L. Harkey, Beaumont Mayor Brenda Knight, Melina Heath – Director of Marketing for the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.



Board Member Harkey and the owner of Frijoles, a popular Mexican food restaurant in Beaumont.



Board Member Harkey and Rosilicie Bogh, district representative for Assemblyman Chad Mayes.



Board Member Harkey’s staff meeting with Art Reyes, General Manger of the Record Gazette.

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