Sales Tax Changes in the Fourth District


In California, April 1 marks the day in which new sales tax rates become effective in 37 jurisdictions throughout the state, including three cities in the fourth Board of Equalization district.

Shoppers in El Cajon are now seeing a small, but meaningful, drop in their city sales tax rate as of April 1. The sales tax rate in El Cajon has dropped by 0.50 percent, a welcomed development for the citizens of El Cajon.

The basic statewide sales and use tax rate is 7.50% and is divided as follows:

  • 6.50% State
  • 0.75% Local Jurisdiction (City or county of place of sale or use)
  • 0.25% Local Transportation Fund (County of place of sale or use)

Effective April 1, the cities of Coachella and Stanton will see a 1% increase in their sales tax rate from a voter approved measure, with the new revenue staying within the cities for local use. The tax decrease in El Cajon is due a district tax that has expired, with the current rate falling back down to 8.5%.

View the statewide table of changes that went into effect April 1.

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