District 4 Restaurants Serving Up Delicious Treats and Local Jobs

Westminster: Harkey staff with Tom Pappas, owner of Uncle Pete’s Cafe.

Recognizing their collective $72 billion contribution to California’s economy, Board Member Harkey’s staff makes a point to visit local restaurant owners throughout the district on a regular basis. District four staff recently met with the owners of Uncle Pete’s Cafe in Westminster, Doña Timo’s Mex Grill Cocina in Fontana, and Rockies Frozen Yogurt in Whittier. Each of these small businesses are unique, but each provide delicious meals and jobs for local residents. Thank you for your contribution to your communities and for doing business in California.

By partnering with the California Restaurant Association and our Outreach Services Division, we are able to connect with local restaurateurs at our outreach events to hear their concerns and help make it easier for them to do business. Visit our website if you are interested in attending an outreach event.

Whittier: Juanita and Robert Velasco are preparing to celebrate Rockies 10th anniversary as a small business.



Fontana: Doña Timo’s employs 10 workers who all live in the community.

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