Golden Tips for Tax Day


If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, here are some helpful federal and state tips:

  • Paper filings will need to be postmarked no later than Wednesday April 15th to be considered timely.
  • Federal tax tip: Taxpayers can use e-File or IRS Free File to reduce tax return errors and save time.
  • State tax tip: Use CalFile, California’s electronic filing system for income tax which takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

If you need more time to fill out your tax return, extensions are available at both the state and federal level.

  • For federal filing extension see the IRS Free File form here.
  • The state filing extension is automatic as long as you have fully paid any tax liability by April 15th. Use the following worksheet to determine if you owe state income tax: FTB 3519.

Important: While an extension grants additional time to file, tax payments are still due April 15.

Thank you to all the taxpayers that work hard to make California golden!

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