Lights, Camera, Action in the Fourth District


This week, the annual Newport Beach Film Festival will be bringing the silver screen to Orange County. The festival is the county’s largest entertainment event and screens over 400 films from 40 countries to an audience of over 55,000. Many visitors also get a chance to sample the varied local cuisine at one of the many restaurants in the city. California appreciates all of the business the festival brings to Orange County and all the tax revenue going back to our schools, roads and public safety.

The San Diego region has also seen its share of successful film and television productions over the years. The San Diego Film Commission, recently revamped under the leadership of City of San Diego Mayor Faulconer and San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts has brought successful films to San Diego, including “Top Gun” and “Anchorman,” making it a top filming destination. Additionally, Comic Con attracts fans throughout the country and highlights upcoming blockbusters, creating buzz for California produced films and TV shows.

The film industry has a long and iconic history in California. Last year, to preserve this legacy and remain competitive with other states, the Governor and legislative leaders increased the film and TV tax credit to $330 million. These credits help the film industry keep jobs in California.

At the Board of Equalization, Diane and her staff recently assisted a taxpaying film company in seeking a $70,000 tax refund owed to the studio. With a costly deadline approaching, Diane secured the refund, allowing the taxpayer to continue their business ahead of schedule. This type of concierge level service is offered for all taxpayers in the fourth district. You can call Diane’s office with any tax issue at (949) 724-2578 for immediate assistance.

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