BOE Approves Changes To Funeral Industry Regulations Harkey Asks for Industry Feedback

Don’t get buried under regulations! Diane recently voted to clear the crypt of red tape and shed light on new Board of Equalization changes that affect the funeral industry. The State Board of Equalization (BOE) has voted unanimously to publish proposed amendments to Regulation 1505 and begin the regulatory process.

Public comment will be open for 45 days, and we need feedback from industry stakeholders like you.

The Proposed Amendments are:

  • Replacing the term Mortician with Funeral Director.
  • Memorial Book and DVDs provided as a funeral service will be clearly defined as taxable sales.
  • Tax does not apply to cash advances for cemetery charges, newspaper notices, airplane tickets, ministerial fees, and flowers.
  • Outdated language has been removed to reflect recent changes allowing the VA to pay death benefits directly to the surviving party.

To provide feedback on the proposed regulation or if you have questions regarding this advisory please call (916) 323-9794 or email Diane directly at

Diane continues to work hard on behalf of all taxpayers in the fourth district to ensure California taxpayers realize more golden opportunities for their businesses and families. Visit for updates

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