Appreciating Our Men and Women in Blue

Our law enforcement officers are the men and women who spend their days dedicated to protecting citizens, keeping the peace and saving lives. Public safety is essential for creating an environment for business to flourish.  This past Thursday, the Buena Park Chamber of Commerce assisted in hosting Buena Park’s annual Police Appreciation Luncheon where over thirty officers were honored for various awards. Sergeant Frank Nunes and Corporal Christopher Nyhus were awarded with the Life-Saving award for recently preventing an Orange County teenager from jumping off of an Orange County overpass.

Thanks to today’s technology, luncheon attendees breathlessly watched footage from a police car capturing the two officers as they spoke with the girl, gained her trust and quickly pulled her off of the overpass to safety. This heroic story was one out of many shared at the luncheon, and served as an important reminder to always harbor gratitude towards our local law enforcement. Congratulations to all the honorees, and thank you for making Southern California a golden place to live.

(From left to right) October Top Cop Sergeant Bradley Geyer, Harkey staff member Karissa Willette, and March Top Cop/Life-Saving Awardee/Police Officer of the Year Corporal Christopher Nyhus.

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