Mayor Choi: Irvine Business Growth Continues

The City of Irvine, home to offices from 49 of the top 100 publicly traded U.S. companies, is one of the many thriving cities found within the 4th Board of Equalization district. Mayor Steven Choi, Ph.D., held his annual address to Irvine’s business community last week, extolling the economic growth in his city in recent years. Recognized at the event was Fisher & Phillips LLP, recipient of the Business of the Year award, for which they received a Certificate of Recognition from the Board of Equalization. In attendance were representatives from the offices of Congresswoman Mimi Walters and Assemblyman Don Wagner. A panel of experts from Google, EON Reality, and Edwards Lifesciences provided insightful business perspectives on the future growth of the Irvine business community. With the progress made in recent years, Irvine is set to become a prominent economic leader for California and the United States.

Left to right: Karissa Willette with Irvine Mayor Steven Choi, Ph.D., and Anna Lejerskar, Global Business Development Director for EON Reality.



Irvine Mayor Steven Choi, Ph.D., with Irvine Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Tallia Hart congratulating Fisher & Phillips LLP as Irvine Business of the Year.



A panel of experts comprised of (left to right) Rob Murray with Google, Anna Lejerskar with EON Reality, and Larry Wood of Edwards Lifesciences provided insight into the future of the Irvine business community.



Karissa Willette with (left to right) Irvine Police Chief David L. Maggard, Jr. and Lake Forest Mayor Scott Voigts



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