A Strong State of the City in Laguna Niguel

Incorporated in 1989, Laguna Niguel and its 65,000 citizens make up one of California’s first master planned communities. Last Friday, June 26th, the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual State of the City with Mayor Jerry McCloskey, who gave an overview of the ongoing growth and success of the city. Representatives from the offices of Assembly Member Bill Brough and Senator Patricia Bates attended, allowing the public to connect with their elected officials.

The City of Laguna Niguel is currently experiencing a boom in business, made possible with the help of programs like SCORE, a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to small businesses. Laguna Niguel also promotes business friendly policies by not requiring businesses to hold a city license. Renovations are taking place throughout the city, including walkable communities for residents, and more festivals and activities for citizens to enjoy.

Laguna Niguel is a fine example of the many wonderful cities in the 4th Board of Equalization district. Our counties are made up of thriving cities home to bustling businesses and growing communities, with residents that bring golden opportunities to California every day.

The 2015 State of the City for Laguna Niguel, with Mayor Jerry McCloskey.



Andrew Fromm with Laguna Niguel Mayor Jerry McCloskey and Assembly Member Bill Brough representative Alyssa Foster.



The City of Laguna Niguel and Chamber of Commerce developed a wonderful video presentation showcasing the ongoing growth and success of the city.



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