Carlsbad Citizens Making the Most of Open Space

California is home to some of the biggest urban areas in the country, and only a few hours away our farmers produce food for the world in America’s breadbasket, the Central Valley. California continues to grow (38 million and counting) but we love our natural landscapes and outdoor recreation.

With so many people in our state and a need to grow to meet their demands, finding a middle ground between growth and preservation can be a challenge. Today in Carlsbad, there is a group of innovators who are finding that middle ground by keeping open space truly open while still keeping the land productive.

The North Forty Urban Farm Project in Carlsbad, recently profiled in the San Diego Union Tribune, is the result of creative thinking, hard work, and a provision in the 2006 Proposition D which protects local open spaces while allowing farming.

North Forty includes coffee plants, blueberry bushes, wine grapes and 20 varieties of hops. The project is both a win for innovation and healthier foods for our communities. In addition, harvesting in “open areas” is promoting education, tourism and culinary creativity, wins for taxpayers and businesses alike.

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