The O.C. Fair Celebrates 125 Years with One Big Party

Congratulations to the OC Fair on their 125th Anniversary!

Happy 125th anniversary to the Orange County Fair! The OC Fair has been a golden tradition in Southern California featuring concerts, food, and rides since 1890.

The OC Fair features multiple entertainment venues with a variety of music from folk to rock that everyone can enjoy. Local bands and extreme sport contests are also featured.

And let’s not forget the food. The OC Fair is a foodie heaven, hosting over 100 unique food vendors. To celebrate this year’s anniversary, vendors are running specials with $1.25 value items. The fair also features Deep fried Twinkies®, culinary competitions, eating contests, and a craft beer fest to add to the fun.

The OC Fair is a fun event that’s great for the local economy, bringing in over $180 million in revenue last year. Vendors come from around the state to participate and additionally the fairground employs 1,200 people year round, plus seasonal employees.

This eagerly awaited event is happening now in Costa Mesa and ends August 16th.

For more information, visit the OC Fair website.


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