San Diego Based Organization Providing Jobs and Assistance to Local Families

The Neighborhood House Association is a non-profit located here in the 4th district. Its mission is to brighten the futures of San Diego youth and families. Just recently, 14 members from the Congressional Black Caucus visited the Neighborhood House Association in hopes of proclaiming it a national non-profit leader.

In 1914, Neighborhood House began as a settlement house, dedicated to helping immigrants adapt to life in San Diego. Today, they offer numerous education, empowerment, and wellness programs to more than 24,000 individuals and families throughout the nation. Their programs include Head Start, Homework Center, Friendship Clubhouse, and many more.

The Neighborhood House Association has been helping families and communities for over 100 years.

The Neighborhood House Association has over 700 employees, out of which 70% are minorities. $5.6 million from their annual budget is allocated for renting and investing in other community organizations. Among these are The San Diego YMCA, The Boys and Girls Club, San Diego Unified School District, and multiple churches and charities.

The association has a fiscal impact of almost $200 million on San Diego’s economy. In the past 50 years, they have helped an estimated 3.5 million people through their wide array of programs. To learn more, visit Neighborhood House Association’s website.

Do you run a non-profit or need assistance maneuvering the state’s complex non-profit rules? Email Diane at Diane.Harkey@Boe.Ca.Gov for assistance, or to share your success as a golden leader in the 4th district.

The Neighborhood House Association president Rudolph A. Johnson, III presents to an audience of community leaders.

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