TAXPAYER ALERT: Sacramento Gas Bill May Drive up Pump Prices

Could you cut your gasoline use in half and still make it to work, run errands and pick up the kids after school? Would you appreciate paying higher utility bills?

Senate Bill 350 will force you to do so. Senate Bill 350, promoted in Sacramento by the Legislative Majority, will mandate a 50% reduction in gasoline use by 2030, and increase our already high home energy costs.

Every Californian can be proud of the strides we have made in past decades toward cleaner air, renewable energy, smart irrigation systems for agriculture and a host of other sustainable innovations. But the average citizen and our economic health still depend on a reliable and affordable supply of fuel and energy.

If you care – take action now! Tell your Legislators to vote NO!


  • Tank Half-Full: The bill mandates a 50 percent cut in gasoline consumption by 2030.
  • No Accountability: The unelected, unaccountable Air Resources Board would hold the ultimate authority in forcing the reduction in gasoline consumption. Prepare for an expensive ride and no one to hold accountable.
  • Law of supply and demand – Less gas = higher prices!
  • Higher Monthly Utility Bills: The bill contains new mandates on utilities that will increase home energy costs, already 41% higher than the national average compared to other states.

The legislation is completely lacking details on how these “policy goals” would be achieved. I invite you to read the bill and see what a majority of legislators believe is a pressing issue.  This one bill could decimate our already fragile business climate and employment opportunities.

The cuts mandated by SB 350 are simply unrealistic without drastically higher energy costs. Every citizen would feel the pinch of a more expensive commute and more of their paycheck would be devoted to home energy costs.

I urge you to let your elected officials know that you do not support higher gas prices and electricity costs. Find your elected representative in the table below, and click on the link to send them an email.

Orange County:

Assembly Member Ling Ling Chang (Chino Hills) – 55th
Assembly Member Young Kim (Fullerton) – 65th
Assembly Member Donald Wagner (Tustin) – 68th
Assembly Member Tom Daly (Anaheim) – 69th
Assembly Member Travis Allen (Huntington Beach) – 72nd
Assembly Member Bill Brough (San Juan Capistrano) – 73rd
Assembly Member Matt Harper (Costa Mesa) – 74th
Senator Bob Huff (Brea) – 29th
Senator Tony Mendoza (Buena Park) – 32nd
Senator Janet Nguyen (Santa Ana) – 34th
Senator Patricia Bates (San Juan Capistrano) – 36th
Senator John Moorlach (Costa Mesa) – 37th

Riverside County:

Assembly Member Chad Mayes (Palm Desert) – 42nd
Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia (El Centro) – 56th
Assembly Member Eric Linder (Riverside) – 60th
Assembly Member Jose Medina (Moreno Valley)- 61st
Assembly Member Melissa Melendez (Hemet) – 67th
Senator Jeff Stone (Temecula) – 28th
Senator Richard Roth (Riverside) – 31st

San Bernardino County:

Assembly Member Cheryl R. Brown (San Bernardino) – 47th
Senator Connie Leyva (San Bernardino) – 20th
Senator Mike Morrell (Rancho Cucamonga) – 23rd

San Diego County:

Assembly Member Brian Jones (Santee) – 71st
Assembly Member Marie Waldron (Escondido) – 75th
Assembly Member Rocky Chavez (Oceanside) – 76th
Assembly Member Brian Maienschein (San Diego) – 77th
Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (San Diego) – 78th
Assembly Member Shirley Weber (San Diego) – 79th
Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez (San Diego) – 80th
Senator Joel Anderson (El Cajon) – 38th
Senator Ben Hueso (Indio) – 40th
Senator Marty Block (San Diego) – 39th

Thank you for joining me in this effort of keeping California affordable and working.


Diane Harkey SignatureDIANE L. HARKEY
Board Member, Fourth District
California State Board of Equalization

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