Business is Brewing in the Fourth District

By Clare Michal

Some of Stones most popular beers and a sampling of their high quality beer ingredients


Beer is big business in the fourth district with over 100 brewers in San Diego County alone. The largest and most notable of these is Stone Brewing Company. Stone was founded in 1996 by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in San Marcos, CA and in 19 years it has grown to be the 9th largest craft brewery in the nation. Recently they were named Beer Advocate’s “All Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth”.

Four samples offered to visitors after a brewery tour

In 2014 stone sold over 280,000 barrels of beers. They brew nine beers year round including, Smoked Porter, Ruination Double IPA, and a new version of their classic Stone Pale Ale. Additionally, they brew many seasonal and experimental beers in their Escondido world headquarters. Stone has 3 locations in San Diego County and is opening locations in Richmond, VA and Berlin, Germany in the next year.

Beer has a major impact on the fourth district’s economy. According to a recent National University Study the craft beer industry contributes over $300 million to the economy of San Diego. Stone employs 1,100 in San Diego County. Their beer is served in more than 5,500 restaurants, grocery stores and bars worldwide. Stone Brewing Company and craft beer is a Golden piece of the California economy.

Stone has inspired many microbreweries to start-up in the fourth district. We have already helped four breweries maneuver the complex state tax laws. Some had use tax issues from purchasing their highly specialized equipment oversees and others needed help with tax refunds due to over paying taxes. Whatever we can do to assist your business with tax issues we are here and ready to provide concierge service. E-mail Diane for assistance at or call 949-724-2578. Cheers to Stone and many others brewing up tasty business in the fourth district.

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