Wild Poppies Photography Blossoms At Harkey BOE Small Business Seminar

Recently, San Diego based photographers The Wild Poppies attended Member Harkey’s Temecula Small Business Seminar. We caught up with Miranda Daviduk and Jami Creel and asked why they found the seminar to be helpful.

Miranda Daviduk and Jami Creel of The Wild Poppies
Miranda Daviuk and Jami Creel of The Wild Poppies

Tell us about The Wild Poppies.


We are a new photography business specializing in lifestyle portraiture, events, and pets. At TWP, we seek to capture the true spirit and personalities of our clients by steering away from traditional posed portraits. We shoot on location, which allows us to capture our clients in a variety of settings all around the beautiful San Diego County area.

Why did you attend the Temecula Small Business Seminar?

Just prior to the seminar, we filed our first quarterly taxes and made some minor errors our first time around.  We received a letter from the BOE and came to get help. As a new business, we had a ton of questions about getting started and most importantly, filing our taxes correctly.

What did you learn from the Small Business Seminar?

At the seminar, we learned exactly what we came there to learn – about our taxes! We learned the difference between filing for sales and income taxes, deductions, and how to properly stay on top of our quarterly returns. It was all extremely important information for us as new business owners.

Was Member Harkey’s small business seminar helpful?

I think the seminar was extremely helpful for small business owners. As a small business owner, it is very easy to not have the answers to everything on your own. It was very helpful to have tons of information and knowledgeable staff to connect with and get all of our questions answered on a personal level.

To see The Wild Poppies beautiful work visit facebook.com/hellowildpoppies.

Interested in attending a future Small Business Seminar? These are excellent opportunities for business owners to gain knowledge about California tax laws, and give them the opportunity to keep their business strong and growing.

Register for Member Harkey’s Next Small Business Seminar!

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