Kicking Off Manufacturing Month in the Happiest City on Earth

Assemblywoman Young Kim addresses the small business attendees.

More than 100 business owners, entrepreneurs and job seekers attended another successful small business seminar hosted by Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey at the Brookhurst Community Center in Anaheim.  The seminar focused on how to thrive as a California small business and also kicked off the month-long series of events on manufacturing also hosted by Board Member Harkey. California’s business climate has been challenging for many job creators and job seekers, but the numbers are improving compared to the conditions at the peak of the recession. It was clear by the attendance and enthusiasm in Anaheim that Californians are again taking risks and seeking opportunities.

Diane Harkey was not alone in this venture as this event was supported by several sponsors in attendance to speak to the crowd and deliver a message of increasing hope and prosperity.  An overarching theme for the day was putting more money into the pockets of business owners and job creators so they can hire and grow. Event partners included Assemblymember Ling Ling Chang, Assemblymember Young Kim, Orange County Assessor Claude Parrish, La Palma Mayor Peter Kim and Westminster Councilmember Tyler Diep.  Additionally the event was supported Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, CalTax and the Small Business Development Center.

Board Member Harkey holds regular small business seminars across the fourth district.

The vast majority of attendees arrived early and spirits were high.  The event included a series of best practices and resource navigation seminars with breaks in between for networking and resource expo display pavilion where additional organizations and agencies could serve as guides for attendees.  As jobs and businesses continue an upward trend towards economic prosperity, these event opportunities will serve as a valuable tool to begin, continue and maintain a healthy business climate throughout the southland.  We wish everyone a Happy Manufacturing Month!

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