Calexico Mayor Hopes Manufacturing Exemption Will Bring New Business and Jobs to the Region

CALEXICO, CA – An eager group of business owners and city officials filled rows of seating in a small Calexico classroom just a stones’ throw from the California border with Mexico. They anticipated gaining useful information from a State Board of Equalization (BOE) presentation detailing the rules of a sales tax exemption that could save them money on business costs, and perhaps help save their city.

The Imperial County community of 39,000 residents is in the BOE’s 4th District. Board Member Diane L. Harkey’s outreach team hosted the workshop to explain how companies can qualify for the state’s manufacturing tax exemption and help expand manufacturing opportunities in the area.

Among those in attendance were a caterer, two owners of a clothing store, and a woman who sells handcrafted items at a local swap meet.  Also sitting, listening, and asking many detailed questions about fulfilling the requirements of the exemption was Calexico’s Mayor, Joong S. Kim. The mayor hopes the exemption will increase the appeal of the city’s pitch to get large sustainable energy, solar electric and garment manufacturers to move their businesses to Calexico, and bring new high paying jobs with them.

“Manufacturing Month is a great opportunity to highlight the various ways state, county, and local governments are working to support businesses that are vital to a strong California economy and create more high paying jobs for our region,” Harkey said in a statement.

The BOE offers information on a variety of presentations to help taxpayers better understand tax laws and regulations, file taxes correctly, and utilize the exemptions and deductions that are in the best interest of business.

Information Officer Tony Knott details the requirements for taking advantage of the manufacturing partial sales tax exemption to business owners in the Neighborhood House Community Center in Calexico, Calif.

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