New San Diego Japanese Ramen Shop Cooking Up Delicious Delights

By Thach Tran

One of the most highly anticipated Japanese restaurants Nishiki Ramen makes its international debut here in Kearny Mesa, San Diego on Sunday.

With its unique on-site noodle room which houses a custom noodle-making machine and their signature unique soup base straight from Japan, Nishiki Ramen leaves customers with an authentic taste of Japanese ramen.

Established in Japan nearly twenty years ago, Nishiki Ramen’s opened its first international location in San Diego on October 4th.  San Diego property is the franchise’s first international venture.

Customers enjoying their ramen while it is being made in front of them.


Nikishi Ramen was originally established in Japan over 20 years ago and has been highly successful and popular among the locals. The Nishiki outposts in Japan serve over 80,000 bowls of ramen a month making the grand opening in San Diego highly anticipated. Living up to its expectations, Nishiki had San Diego customers line up past the door and has sold out every day since their grand opening. If you are a ramen lover, be sure to stop by early before they sell out!

Nishiki owner Mike Furuichi heads the stateside expansion and aims to open more restaurants which in turn provide additional employment opportunities for our local communities.

If you run a small business and have any questions regarding taxes, please contact our office at (949) 724-2578.

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