Getting Organized in Temecula


Temecula entrepreneurs learning about best practices for business record keeping


As we head into the final quarter, many business owners may be wondering if they have kept adequate records for the year. That seemed apparent by the full-house of attendees at Board Member Harkey’s recent workshop in Temecula for business owners wanting to learn best practices for business record keeping. Sponsored by Board of Equalization Member Diane Harkey, Senator Jeff Stone, Temecula Council Member Maryann Edwards, and the City of Temecula, area entrepreneurs learned the “which, why, and how long of business record keeping. The free seminar was the 6th business workshop held this year at the city’s Entrepreneur Exchange facility on Business Park Drive.  Instructor Lance Christiansen, Information Officer for the BOE, enjoys lending his expertise to the greater Temecula business community. “I’ve found Temecula business owners on the whole to be hungry for any information that can help them run their establishments more efficiently and by the letter of the law” commented Christiansen. RSVP for a free event near you.

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