Keeping California Rockin’

Suhr Guitars is a Lake Elsinore based manufacturer of high end guitars, amplifiers, and effects pedals.

4th District Information Officer Lance Christiansen recently had the opportunity to meet with Larry Campbell, Director of Corporate Strategy for JS Technologies/Suhr Guitars in Lake Elsinore. They are a locally based manufacturer of highly sought after electric guitars and amplifiers. Mr. Christensen attended at the request of the cities of Murrieta and Lake Elsinore, to explain the benefits of the Manufacturing and Research & Development Tax Exemption available from the State through Go-Biz. Through this initiative, manufacturer’s like Suhr can receive a partial tax exemption of sales tax on purchases of manufacturing equipment and machinery. Campbell said that JS Technologies/Suhr Guitars is expecting to expand their operation, which would bring more jobs and tax dollars to the area.

Also at the meeting were Lake Elsinore Community Development Director Grant Taylor, GIS Analyst/Business Services Representative Catheryne Barrozo, Murrieta Economic Development Director Bruce Coleman, Business Development Manager Kimberly Davidson, and owner of Development Management Group, Michael Bracken.

More information regarding the Manufacturing and Research Development Tax Exemption can be found on the Board of Equalization website.

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