Local Officer Displays True Thanksgiving Spirit in Helping Stranded Family

By Danielle Lee

This past Thanksgiving, an Oregon family visiting California for the holiday became victims of an auto burglary. Thankfully, Anaheim Police Department Officer Dave Garcia was there to save the day with quick thinking and a generous heart.

The Singer family was excited to visit Disneyland before heading to Torrance to celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family. Unfortunately, their Chevy Suburban was broken into and their back seat was stolen, making it difficult (and illegal) to drive all the members of their family safely to Torrance, and then back to Oregon.


The Singer family

Officer Dave Garcia of the Resort Policing Team at a substation in Downtown Disney was the officer who responded to the call. Officer Garcia assessed the situation, noticed how distressed the family was, and went above and beyond to offer a generous solution for the family. Garcia, who drives a Chevy Tahoe, with removable seats that would also fit in a Suburban, insisted that the family borrow his seat at least until they made it to Torrance.

The family was extremely grateful, and followed up with a letter to the Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada, in it, it says, “He (Garcia) was professional and showed great concern and empathy for us. I want to thank you for hiring officers like David Garcia. I could tell by his actions this is more than just a job to him. I believe he truly cares about the work that he does. You don’t always find that these days.”

We are thankful for all of California’s public safety officers and appreciate their commitment to service and going above and beyond to keep our communities safe.

Image of Officer Dave Garcia of the Resort Policing Team standing at the rear of a van.Officer Garcia’s quick thinking and selfless action were on display as he shared the seat from his personal vehicle to ensure that the Singer family could safely travel to spend Thanksgiving with family.

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