True Customer Service for Taxpayers in District 4

In serving the constituents of the 4th Board of Equalization District, our staff is committed to helping taxpayers comply with their tax obligations and providing concierge level service when an issue arises.

To illustrate this point we would like to highlight a recent example from the District Office in Irvine. Member Harkey is pleased to recognize BOE professional Nancy Sweeney for her ingenuity, attentiveness and knowledge of the law which enabled her to successfully assist a tax payer.

Diane was happy to receive an appreciative letter from a constituent who came to the BOE’s Irvine office to obtain help with a complex tax issue that was preventing him from obtaining his doctor approved handicapped license plate. His situation was unusual because the car was registered in the name of an LLC, which by definition cannot be physically disabled.

Nancy Sweeney worked closely with the taxpayer and helped to find a solution where LLC gifted him the car, and transfer tax was waived in full due to no consideration being received in the transfer. The taxpayer was bowled over by the level of customer service he received.

When crafting laws and regulations it can be hard to anticipate how they will work in uncommon circumstances. Member Harkey is proud to have knowledgeable, solutions oriented staff, like Nancy, that can recognize these situations and fix issues for taxpayers.

If you or someone you know are in need of assistance please contact our office through email or by phone at (949) 724-2578.201602-15a

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