Small Business Highlight: A New Way to Get FIT in Carlsbad

By Breanna Peloquin

FIT Monkey was founded by a mother and daughter, Denise and Kelly. The studio opened in 2015 in Carlsbad and specializes in customized individual fitness routines. Both Denise and Kelly, grew up around fitness and staying active so they thought it made perfect sense to open up a fitness studio. The three things they offer are personal training sessions, Pilates, and yoga. They offer different classes for beginners and novices. They make sure their clients know that everyone is unique so there is no one-size fits all program. They are open through the week and on Saturdays by appointments. This studio is about active fitness; additionally they also tell their clients that they should read a book a week and challenge their brain through puzzles to stay mentally active.

Their mission statement is “At FIT MONKEYS in Carlsbad we specialize in crafting customized individual fitness programs for our clients. We utilize a holistic training approach that includes personal training, Pilates, and yoga. At FIT MONKEYS we can help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter what your fitness level or fitness goal may be.” Denise and Kelly have a goal of being there for each of their clients and helping them in every way possible. The first session that a client will go though is answering some questions regarding their life style activities and if there are any injuries, then at Fit Monkey they will test your body for weaknesses and strengths and from there they create a fitness plan to achieve the client’s desired goals.

If you run a small business and have any questions regarding running your business in California we are here and ready to provide you concierge service.E-mail Diane for assistance or call 949-724-2578.


Fit Monkey offers personal yoga and Pilates instruction

Image of Fit Monkey Founders, Denise and Kelly.Fit Monkey was founded by the mother and daughter team of Denise and Kelly

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