Girl Scout Week

By Ben Marchman

It is that time of year again, Girl Scout Cookie season. If you haven’t yet bought your Girl Scout Cookies, don’t worry! Cookie season ends across the 4th District on Sunday, March 6th.

Not only are the cookies delicious, but selling them teaches valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The cookies also help to support local Girl Scout troops. All cookie sale profits go directly to the local Girl Scout council. In 2015, the Girl Scouts of America sold 194 million boxes or about $776 million in sales.

In the 4th district alone, more than 50,000 girls are a part of the Girl Scouts. These girls learn skills that help them grow into business leaders, politicians, athletes, and scientists. People like star tennis player Venus Williams, broadcast journalist Barbara Walters, and former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor were all former Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts do far more than just sell cookies; they also help our local communities. Local Girl Scout troops clean up neighborhoods, host forums, promote healthy living, and host many other activities that benefit our communities.

The Girl Scouts of America began in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia. The goal was not only to expose girls to adventure and the outdoors, but to blaze new trails for women. The first Girl Scout troop in California was founded in 1917 in Palo Alto by Lou Henry Hoover, wife of President Herbert Hoover and former First Lady of the United States. Since the earliest days, the Girl Scouts of America have been selling cookies to help fund local Girl Scout troops. These early cookies were made by mothers to help support local troops, and eventually expanded into the nationwide craze we see today.

For more information on the 4th District’s local Girl Scout councils, and of course how to find cookies near you, check out these websites:

Girl Scouts of Orange County

Girl Scouts of San Diego


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