Short Stacks Yield Big Wins for Children’s Charity

By Chase Lanfer

March 8 is one of the most delicious (and stickiest!) days of the year; International Pancake Day! Staff from the office of BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey went to the right place to celebrate: our local IHOP in Santa Ana. This location held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and was joined by Harkey’s staff, the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, representatives from Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do, Assemblymember Tom Daly, and Congresswomen Loretta Sanchez.

Karissa Willette from Vice Chair Harkey's office presents a resolution to IHOP manager Jose Ruiz.Karissa Willette, left, from Vice Chair Harkey’s office, presents a resolution of appreciation to Southern California’s newest IHOP manager, Jose Ruiz.

The International House of Pancakes, or IHOP, was founded in 1958 and is one of the many businesses that calls California home, benefitting our local and state economy. Today IHOP has expanded far beyond its Southern Californian origins, with more than 1,600 stores across the globe, of which 99 percent are run by independent franchises. It just goes to show that companies which start here in sunny Southern California drive business globally and in this case fill the bellies of millions of satisfied customers. California Board of Equalization’s 4th District is home to more than 50 IHOP locations, most owned by independent franchises, supporting our local economy with jobs and revenue. To our local IHOP in Santa Ana, and others across the 4th District, Vice Chair Harkey thanks you for your hard work in helping us build a more golden state.

201603-5bRepresentatives from various Orange County offices, Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, employees from our local IHOP, and Vice Chair Harkey’s Irvine team right before the ribbon cutting.

In honor of International Pancake day, local IHOP locations are supporting our local charities, including the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since IHOP has started to celebrate International Pancake Day, they have raised more than $20 million nationwide for charity, with today’s goal being $3.5 million. Locations today provided free short-stacks, and encouraged patrons to give back to charities like the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

For more information and locations of our local 4th district IHOPs, or if you would like to get involved and help out the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, please check out these websites:

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

IHOP locations

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