Indonesian Coffee Appreciation Day

By Sean Maddex

Partner Coffee Roasters celebrated a ribbon cutting ceremony and recognized Indonesian Coffee Appreciation Day on March 25, 2016. They organized the event in conjunction with the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles, Hon. Umar Hadi. The event included an Indonesian themed lunch buffet and cultural performances by the Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles. Indonesia is one of the top five coffee producers in the world, with beans that are especially well suited for blending with other varieties to make interesting new flavors.

The event was attended by representatives of Vice Chair Diane Harkey. The collaboration taking place provides a great example of how local businesses, the Board of Equalization, and community members can work together to foster the growth of local businesses throughout California.

If you have run a small business or have any question regarding your business in California E-mail Vice Chair Diane Harkey for assistance or call 949-724-2578.


Gatherers at the Indonesian Coffee Appreciation Day

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