Palm Springs: Like No Place Else

By Lance Christiansen


BOE Information Officer Lance Christiansen presents to Palm Springs small business owners.


Borrowing the current slogan from the City of Palm Springs, the high attendance at our recent Basic Sales and Use Tax Class in Palm Springs brought a number of small business owners eager to learn all about industry tax tips to help boost their businesses. The free workshop was sponsored by Board of Equalization Vice Chair Diane Harkey who hosts similar events throughout the 4th District. Also sponsored by State Senator Jeff Stone, Assemblyman Chad Mayes, and the City of Palm Springs, area entrepreneurs were educated on the ins and outs of sales tax law, seller’s permits, and given instruction on filing an online tax return. Perhaps classically-trained chef Sarena Nelson summed up the class sentiments best when she commented: “I just want to run my business the right way.”

If you have run a small business or have any question regarding your business in California, email Vice Chair Diane Harkey for assistance or call 949-724-2578.

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