The Love Aquarium is Every Fish Enthusiast’s Paradise

The Love Aquarium is open in Escondido, CA


San Diego fish owners get ready. The Love Aquarium is open for business. A delightful mix of kindness, expert knowledge, and superb customer service, The Love Aquarium is sure to satisfy any aquatic desire. Originally known as Fish Haven, after 5 years of success they have re-branded and re-modeled themselves into The Love Aquarium. Their mission is to help customers become better aquarists, capable of sharing knowledge and creating beauty.

The Love Aquarium has been a reliable employer in the North San Diego region for over 5 years. They are a well-respected small business, that has consistently contributed to economic output. It should be the region’s objective to retain and encourage the growth of small businesses like The Love Aquarium.

We strive to make running your business easier! If you have any questions regarding running your business in California, we are here and ready to provide you concierge level service. E-mail Diane diane.harkey@ for assistance or call 949-724-2578.

Graphic fish in red and white.

They’re all about the Love!

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