Bringing Fresh Fish to the Desert

By Lance Christiansen


Who would have thought you could get fresh fish in the desert town of Yucca Valley? Apparently it is easier than assumed as co-owner of Hook & Line Family Fishing, Anne Nicole Pulliam, was among the area business persons in attendance for the Basic Record Keeping Workshop held this past Wednesday at the Yucca Valley Community Center. The Pulliam family spends 3 months each year in Alaska catching fresh salmon and then sells it at Coachella and Morongo Valley farmer’s markets.

Sponsored by BOE Vice-Chair Diane Harkey and the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce, the workshop focused on proper record keeping for sales and use tax as well as what is and is not taxable. “I’m finding out that most of my sales aren’t taxable, whoo-hoo!” declared the encouraged Pulliam.

The Pulliam family is one of the many small business owners that provide important goods and services in their community. If you have run a small business or have any question regarding your business in California, email Vice Chair Harkey directly for assistance or call 949-724-2578.

Visit Diane on Facebook and Twitter for daily taxpayer and district updates.

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