A Maritime Creation

By Edward Stemmer

A soft thrum fills the room, machines gently hiss, the lathe begins to grind away at a giant bronze bearing, on the wall a picture of a naval ship sits displaying the function of each individual bearing supporting the drive shaft of the vessels. These are the sounds of innovation. The American Metal Bearing Company opened a new building in Garden Grove for the creation of the newest technology for nautical bearings, a critical aspect of any maritime adventure.

A great showing of support at the opening of the new business was accompanied by a Hawaiian ceremony for the ribbon cutting and exchanging leis for the guests in attendance. President John Henderson was happy to show off the new machinery, as well as fill some guests in on the function of the bearings they create.

The American Metal Bearing Company joins a great number of different businesses all combining their ingenuity to create a finished product, a new ship fit to wrestle the waves of the ocean. This is a great sign for the fourth district, as a new manufacturing business opens and is sure to bring more jobs and business to an already prosperous district.

We strive to make opening a business easier, if you run a business of any size and have any questions regarding running your business in California we are here and ready to provide you concierge level service. E-mail Diane for assistance or call 949-724-2578, we are always glad to help!


President John Henderson, behind the lathe grinds and shapes a bearing.

Guests at Hawaiian ribbon cutting ceremony.

Guests mingle as the ribbon lies freshly cut.

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