Facebook Boosts San Diego Small Business with Harkey & Gonzalez

By Clare Michal, Community Representative, Office of Vice Chair Harkey

Over 300 small business owners packed the Chula Vista City Council Chambers to boost their online presence and revenue through the tech giant and social media platform Facebook.

The Facebook Boost event was part of Board of Equalization Vice Chair Harkey’s Small Business Week celebration and events. This unique opportunity was made possible by a partnership with Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez (District 80, Chula Vista) and Facebook to boost small businesses in the fourth district.

The Facebook Boost event hosted by Assemblymember Gonzalez, and organized by her talented team led by District Director Francine Maigue, also recognized small business leaders from the 80th Assembly district. The award winners are listed below.

Facebook’s Ana Martinez and her amazing team transformed the Chula Vista City Chambers into an exciting venue that looked more like Silicon Valley south. Ana taught the hour long Facebook Boost workshop. The tremendously valuable presentation taught small business owners how they can harness the power of Facebook for their Business and increase their revenue.

Here are Ana’s top five tips for boosting your business page on Facebook:

  1. Use big, beautiful images on your page and your ads.
    You don’t need a professional photographer or a fancy camera—just try to show products or services in the best way you can with a great photo.
  2. Keep it short.
    Ads with lots of text are likely to be ignored and an ad with a majority of text may not be approved by Facebook. Ana said use the K.I.S.S. method of – Keep It Simple Sweetie when it comes to writing your ad!
  3. Page Not Profile.
    Pages have the ability to grow your business with ads and promoted posts, profiles do not. Also Pages can have unlimited followers while Profiles are limited to 5,000 friends.
  4. Know your audience.
    Facebook allows you to screen who sees your post. You can sort by city, state, zip code or sort by language. Ana recommends that you also target your ads to attract different audiences, like a happy-hour targeted ad to attract a young professionals or an early bird special ad to attract an older crowd.
  5. Share exclusive content in your ads.
    Offer special deals to your followers like sales and rewards exclusively to people that click on the link.

Every customer counts to Facebook, so as Ana shared if you have spent $1 on Facebook ads you can get one-on-one customer support from Facebook for your page!

For more tips and to see the information provided at the Facebook Boost event, please visit Facebook for business and follow the hashtag #FBBoost. The website provide criteria for ads, information on the best time to post on your page, and how to drive online sales to increase your business, as well as, success stories from other businesses.

Vice Chair Harkey is committed to returning the gold to California by making it easier for your businesses to operate in the state. If you run a business in California, we are here and ready to provide you concierge-level service. If you need any help or questions on where to get help please e-mail Vice Chair Diane Harkey directly or call 949-724-2578.

Congratulations to the Assembly District 80 Small Business Award Winners:

  1. New Leaf Biofuel (Logan Heights) – Small Business of the Year
  2. Nestle Toll House Café (Chula Vista) – Outstanding Small Business
  3. La Vista Memorial Park (National City) – Outstanding Small Business

Thank you to the Small Business Resource Fair Organizations helping San Diego’s Small Business. Great partners included the San Diego Imperial Valley Small Business Development Center (SBDC). For more information on how they can assist please go to the SBDC website or call 619-482-6388

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez with Harkey staff.Representatives from Vice Chair Harkey’s office with Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez


The packed house for the Facebook “Boost your Business” presentation

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