Shaved Ice Ice Baby

By Edward Stemmer

With summer just around the corner, things are starting to heat up in the fourth district. What better way to relieve yourself from the heat of the sun than sitting down for a new frozen treat? Shaved Ice Ice Baby allows one to enjoy a heaping pile of delicious shaved ice at a reasonable price – but don’t let the moniker fool you, as the shaved ice is delicately soft and fluffy rather than crunchy as one might expect from crushed ice. It is more frozen sweet dust than ice, so fine that it melts in your mouth into a delicious ice-cream-like texture.

Shaved Ice Ice Baby boasts a fluffier snow than other shaved ice restaurants and prides itself with natural flavors and fresh toppings. Feeling something fruity? Try the mango or raspberry with one of their fruit flavored drizzles. Feeling something with more cream texture? Try the vanilla or chocolate with condensed milk or chocolate drizzle. Still not for you? Try something new and go with lychee, topped with raspberry or blueberry poppers. The Lake Forest location gives residents access to a new delicious dessert for any culinary adventurer.

Interested in opening a business under the heat of the SoCal sun? We strive to assist anyone looking to start a new business venture, and if you run a business of any size and have questions regarding running your business in California, we are here and ready to provide you concierge level service. E-mail Diane for assistance or call 949-724-2578. We are always glad to help!

Crowd poses at the Ice Ice Baby ribbon-cutting ceremony

Lake Forest Mayor Andrew Hamilton with Mayor Pro Tem Scott Voigt


Sean Maddex presents the sellers permit to owners

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