Horton Plaza Park is now Open in Downtown


Designed by Irving Gill in 1910, the famous and historic Horton Plaza Fountain resides in Horton Plaza Park as well. Widely regarded as the City’s first piece of civic art, this fountain received a $450,000 renovation. Suffering from a century of use and neglect, the fountain has now been repaired to its former glory. In addition to the Horton Plaza Fountain, dozens of other pieces of art will be showcased in the park, including a selfie post that creates the illusion of several dragonflies flying out of ones hands.

The beautiful Westfield Horton Plaza, which opened its doors over three decades ago, has been anticipating the grand opening of the newly added Horton Plaza Park. This colorful park is located in front of Downtown San Diego’s iconic mall, and opened to the public on May 4, 2016. Horton Plaza Park sits on a lot that until 2006 was occupied by a record store. This scenic park is set to hold several events over the next few months, one of which is a very exciting collection of art.

Over the past decade, downtown San Diego has been transformed into an extraordinary economy that houses law offices and financial institutions by day, followed by entertainment and excitement by night. The alluring park will further improve downtown San Diego’s image, and also pave the way for more jobs and economic engines to arrive in America’s Finest City.

Designed by Irving Gill in 1910, the famous and historic Horton Plaza Fountain(Photo provided by SDSU’s Digital Collections)

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