Deserving Merit

By Edward Stemmer

Considering the trend of rising costs of education, it is becoming increasingly necessary for students to seek out funds to support the venture. Luckily for the award winners of the Garden Grove Chamber’s Women’s Division ROP award, that weight has been partially lifted from the students’ shoulders. Eight students were chosen, with one nominated from each school by the teachers to be given a $400 scholarship to help fund their education.

Fire Chief Tom Schultz gave an inspirational speech to the students, asserting that this award is an affirmation of their success, and to continue on their path of excellence while fighting to achieve their goals. It is always a welcomed sight to see local youth aspiring to new heights, and the selected individuals were certainly well chosen, displaying vibrant, driven, and determined attitudes.

With interests ranging from culinary expertise, to the decisive hand of a doctor, the students had a variety of different goals in life. We will be excited to see what businesses these bright hopefuls will bring to the fourth district.

For any of those interested in opening a business, Vice Chair Diane Harkey is always here and ready help start your business. We offer concierge level service to all those who seek it. E-mail Diane for assistance or call 949-724-2578. We are always glad to help!

An award winner is presented with her certificate

Fire Chief at podium addressed students.Fire Chief Tom Schultz Delivers speech to the Students

Room full of attendees sit at table.Attendees of the Women Division ROP Award

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