Diverse Group Gets Up to Speed on Sales and Use Tax


A diverse group of business owners attended a 201606-6arecent Basic Sales & Use Tax Class held at the Riverside District Office of the Board of Equalization. Sponsored by Vice Chair Diane Harkey, area entrepreneurs were given information on sales, use, and district taxes as well as how to file a sales tax return electronically.

Area professionals included owners of a hookah bar, a professional tax preparer, a diesel truck mechanic, and a company that services “lyophilization” equipment. “Lay off” what!?! Lyophilization is a process of freeze-drying used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

“I learned FOUR specific things that I did not know. I would have to say four things is really good considering how long I have been paying sales tax!” said Lyo-Tech, Inc. Office Manager Luann Brown.

Are you a business owner who is interested in attending a BOE seminar? A full list of Vice Chair Diane Harkey’s sponsored workshops and seminars can be accessed on her event site.

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