Filing Taxes for New Small Business Owners

Filing taxes can be a complicated and tiresome process. As a small business owner, it is important for you to be well-versed in the different kinds of taxes applicable to your business. Among these are income tax, payroll tax, and sales tax.

The California Tax Service Center provides a comprehensive breakdown of these business taxes, and also serves as a one stop shop for small business information. Below is a brief list of areas covered by the California Tax Service Center’s website:

Income Tax

      • Eligibility
      • Credits and Deductions
      • Payment Options
      • Wage Withholding

Payroll Tax

      • Household Employees
      • Wages
      • Reporting Requirements

Sales Tax

    • Local Taxes & Rates
    • Seller’s Permit
    • Resale Certificates

Additionally, the Small Business Assistance Center page compiles reference guides for all aspects of starting, running, or closing a business.

For more information, visit the California Tax Service Center’s website and Small Business Assistance Center site.

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