Tax Talk Heating Up Twentynine Palms

By Lance Christiansen

What’s the tax on a hot tin roof?” would have been an appropriate question Thursday night as area business owners braved 110 degree heat to attend a Basic Record Keeping Workshop in Twentynine Palms. Sponsored by BOE Vice Chair Diane Harkey, as well as Senator Mike Morrell, Assemblyman Chad Mayes, and the 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce, attendees were guaranteed “red hot tax tips and air conditioned comfort” by BOE Information Officer Lance Christiansen. This was the third presentation in a series that Christiansen had made at the Twentynine Palms Community Services Building. He remarked that his last trip was accompanied by a driving rainstorm. “I think the community will have me back again only because Twentynine Palms isn’t generally tornado or tsunami country!” quipped Lance. “We’re very thankful to Lance for coming out here to enlighten our business community” commented Chamber Executive Director Christine Hoenigmann.


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