Shauna Fleming Gives Our Troops A Million Thanks

By Makayla Lopez

Shauna Fleming, a freshman at Orange Lutheran, had a dream to send a million letters to thank U.S troops for their service. A decade later, over seven million letters have been sent, making her dream a reality. This Orange County native, with her heartwarming idea, became widely recognized, especially with troops and their families. As the organization grew, Fleming began generating media attention in Orange County all the way to Washington, 201607-3aand eventually she was honored at the White House for her success and generosity.

Today, Fleming’s
organization, titled A Million Thanks, has expanded to include programs such as college scholarships for children of fallen service members, and a Grant A Wish initiative to help increase the quality of life for injured military personnel. A casino night and golf tournament will be held to fund these programs, which marines as well as business, civic and community leaders from across Southern California are scheduled to attend. So far Shauna Fleming has raised over $300,000 for her organization, and that number continues to grow.

Shauna Fleming herself deserves a million thanks for her service and recognition for her leadership of this successful organization. For more information, visit A Million Thanks.

Logo of nonprofit organization A Million Thanks

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