The Music Forte

By Irma Livadic

More often than not there is a lack of emphasis and recognition of the arts, especially in respect to the world of music. However, this did not stop Nicole Wilson from transforming her natural talent and passion of playing music to her life’s work.

Wilson grew up surrounded by music, learning to master the violin under the wing of her professionally trained parents. After entering the classical music world, she was exposed to many talented and focused musicians. Although these professionals were busy performing around the world, Wilson realized aspiring musicians deserved to gain from their guidance. Thus, she came up with the idea to create a platform that would offer access to online music and coaching lessons. This company, Musical Orbit, enables children to reach their highest potential through online interactions with numerous professors and professionals.

Wilson’s contribution to the music industry reflects the work of Jason Paguio himself, a man who began his music endeavors as a world-renowned drum major. Engaging in band competitions led him to create the Parade Band Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for marching bands and music programs throughout San Diego County. In addition, he established the non-profit World Drum Major Association, Inc which hosts a drum major circuit and a camp that offers leadership advice from business and community leaders.201607-6b

A young student receiving online music lessons from a professional.

Musical Orbit logo.

Through the contributions of Wilson and Paguio, the music community has flourished immensely. Both have provided leadership, guidance, and access to resources, thus benefitting those who share the same enthusiasm for music. Whether it be increased recognition or more opportunities to succeed, Wilson and Paguio as music leaders have allowed these musicians to thrive through their dedication and passion for music.

This post originally appears on Ellevate Network, the essential resource for professional women who create, inspire, and lead. See the original here

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