From CEO to Corona Rotary Club’s First Female President

201608-2a By Stephanie Wang

During the 2014–15 term, Pam Walker sat as the first female president for the Rotary Club in Corona. She is the CEO of Town & Country Escrow in Corona, where she has worked since 1979. Pam is also very active in Rotary, one of the largest service clubs in the United States with chapters across the 50 states and throughout the world. Ms. Walker began Walker has been a Rotary member since 2007 and, due to her leadership skills, was recommended for the board in 2010. Before she led the club, however, she wanted to learn more about the organization, so she became more involved by attending Rotary district conferences. As president, she raised funds to donate to local nonprofits, to award as college scholarships, to buy dictionaries for elementary schools, and to gift to the city.

Founded in 1922, Corona Rotary has over a hundred members and hosts an annual Lobsterfest in May. Learn more about the Corona Rotary Club.

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