Harkey Food and Beverage Industry Surcharge Teleforum (Audio)

By BOE Chairwoman Diane Harkey

170307_Food & Bev Teleforum_Michael Feinman_SmallThank you for joining me and the California Restaurant Association for my Board of Equalization “Food and Beverage Industry Surcharge” Teleforum.

Thank you to those who participated and to those taking the opportunity to listen to the audio to learn key information for legally implementing a surcharge. Your time and participation is highly valued!

Click here to listen to a recording of the teleforum.

Thank you again to the expert panelists:

  • Lisa Renati, Tax Policy Advisor, Office of BOE Chairwoman Diane Harkey
  • Bruno Katz, Esq., Partner at Wilson Elser and California Restaurant Association San Diego Chapter Board Member
  • Michael Feinman, Chief Financial Officer, Cohn Restaurant Group

As an industry leader, please consider providing me your tax and/or regulatory reform ideas so we can work together to make California a more golden state. No one has a monopoly on good ideas and I look forward to hearing your recommendations.

If you have any follow up questions or if my team can ever be of assistance with tax controversy issues, you can email me directly at Diane.Harkey@boe.ca.gov or call at (916) 323-9794. Together, we can make California a truly golden state.

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