Baldy View ROP Awards 30 Future Leaders For Academic Achievement

By Lauren Madeo

170410_BaldyOn April 10th, 2017, Team Harkey presented the Baldy View Regional Occupational Program Student Success Awardees with certificates for their impressive community and academic achievements. The Baldy View ROP, a program at Upland High School which offers career technical education classes, recognized over 30 students for their outstanding performance in career skills, demonstration of leadership, positive attitudes, and teamwork. Investing in our students is investing in our future business and community leaders. 

Students in career technical education programs learn a host of skills including:

  • Applying science, technology, engineering and math to occupations
  • Communication in the workplace, punctuality and working in groups
  • Identifying career opportunities and how to get hired

Baldy View ROP is part of a statewide network of 74 Regional Occupational Centers and Programs which began to develop in 1967.  Statewide, more than 500,000 students enroll annually in ROP courses to better prepare themselves for the world of work and advanced training.

Team Harkey attends events throughout the 4th Board of Equalization district to recognize the businesses, schools, groups and people that make Southern California a great place to live. Email Diane directly at if you would like her team to attend your next event.

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