Harkey Keynotes Chamber and Rotary Luncheon Honoring Fontana & Mayor Warren’s Fiscal Leadership

BOE Chairwoman Diane Harkey presenting award to Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren

Chairwoman Harkey recently had the pleasure of joining the Fontana Chamber of Commerce and Fontana Rotary club to celebrate Mayor Acquanetta Warren & the City of Fontana’s accomplishment of being named one of the “Top Financially Strong Cities in America” by The Fiscal Times.

Fontana was cited as the second most financially strong city over 200,000 in population, finishing just behind the City of Irvine. Fontana finished well-ahead of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The Fiscal Times used a number of factors in determining the fiscal health of cities, including the ratio of general fund balance to expenditures, ratio of pension contributions to revenues and change in property values.

BOE Chairwoman Harkey with Elected and City Leaders in Fontana Rotary Club

Congratulations to Mayor Warren and the City of Fontana for this well-deserved achievement. To learn more about Fontana’s accomplishment as one of the most fiscally strong cities in America, read the full article here.


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