Good Government – Claude Parrish and Orange County Assessor’s Office Leading the Way

In recognition of continued operational improvements and constituent service to taxpayers, BOE Chairwoman recently honored Orange County Assessor Claude Parrish and his staff with a resolution for their efforts.

Mr. Parrish and his team recently completed the State Assessment Practices Survey, a program in which the BOE reviews the practices and procedures of county assessors’ offices. Counties are responsible for local property tax assessment, and the state has an interest in promoting fair and equitable assessments. The recent survey results show the productive working relationship with the BOE and the Orange County Assessor’s Office.

BOE Board Members recognizing Orange County Assessor Claude Parrish

The results also show the high degree of professionalism and knowledge within the Orange County Assessor’s office. Chairwoman Harkey’s office has relied on Claude and his team for solving constituent issues, and they have been a tremendous asset.

Assessor’s play an important role in three distinct ways.

Efficiency: Being able to contact and visit your local Assessor’s office creates efficiencies for taxpayers by allowing local issues to be solved at the lowest level possible. Government works best if local problems can be solved at the ground level.

Access: Having a local elected assessor means that all taxpayers have the same convenient access to their Assessor, and the Assessor in turn is directly accountable to constituents.

Point of Contact: Having an elected county assessor means taxpayers know who to call and can solve their issues with an actual live person.

Specific to Orange County, Mr. Parrish has a dedicated Taxpayer Rights Advocate – Maria Melchor – within the Assessor’s office. This position is critically important to help taxpayers navigate the many twists and turns of the tax world. Most people are not tax experts, and having an advocate who clearly explains their rights is important to ensure fair and efficient tax administration.

To contact Ms. Melchor in the OC Taxpayer Rights Advocate office, email or call (714) 568-5737.

Thank you to Orange County Assessor Claude Parrish and his staff members Neil Shah, Kenn Dobson, George Singletary and Michael Hannah for their excellent service to taxpayers and productive working relationship with the Board of Equalization.


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