Saving Lives – Local Heroes From the Irvine Plane Crash

At the July Board in Irvine, Chairwoman Harkey presented awards to two local heroes, Captain John Meffert and Nurse Practitioner Karen Herold, who helped save the lives of Frank and Janan Pisano who were involved in an airplane crash on the 405 freeway. Thankfully, the couple is recovering and there were no casualties.

BOE Board Members Honoring Captain John Meffert. Click image for video. 

On June 30, Captain John Meffert of the Avalon Fire Department was driving home on the 405 to pack for an upcoming vacation in Palm Springs. He noticed a small plane flying low to the ground, and one of the plane’s wings came across the front of the hood of his car, and then the plane crashed.

Captain Meffert helped the couple to safety but as he put it, the entire rescue was a team effort. Orange County firefighters, nurses, police officers and citizens helped, with some drivers even using their own fire extinguishers to help put out the burning plane.

Thank you to Captain Meffert, NP Karen Herold, and every first responder and citizen who went above and beyond to protect public safety and save the lives of Frank and Janan.

Watch the award presentation below:






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