Start Your Career Early With an Internship

By Gino Folchi
Are you a student or know one looking for an internship? Student interns are an integral part of our team, and we would like to thank Philip Goldstein, Irma Livadic, Demetri Savas and Ian Woo for their hard work this summer. Thank you for helping us this summer — you will be missed!
Chairwoman Harkey’s office is now hiring fall interns. Jump start your career, make contacts, learn new skills, and get course credit by working directly with staff in the Chairwoman’s office. Apply here.

13100740_10209417599819569_8190349346463315641_n.jpgCheck out what former summer intern Jennica Sandoval (currently a marketing assistant for one of the world’s biggest clothing companies) had to say about her experience as an intern:

“After four years as a reporter for UC Davis AggieTV, I wanted to learn what it would be like working on the inside for an elected state official. Working as an intern for Chairwoman Harkey’s office gave me first hand insight into the inner workings of state government. Chairwoman Harkey’s staff treated me like a member of the team, and I was given the opportunities to work directly on staff projects, something I will always take with me. Being a Harkey intern has given me more confidence in navigating life after college and I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have had this internship.”

Team Harkey interns work directly with staff on communications, research, and constituent service projects. Successful applicants have a chance to learn policy and real world skills while assisting taxpayers in the Fourth Board of Equalization District. Interested applicants can apply here.

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