Women in Business SCORE Big at 5th Annual Conference in OC

170928_SCORE_NP_Chamber.jpgBy Keefe Carrillo

BOE Chairwoman Harkey’s team recently had the pleasure of attending the 5th Annual Women Business Owners Conference sponsored by SCORE. SCORE is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals in the business community and sharing valuable resources that include: 1-on-1 mentoring from retired professionals, hosting numerous workshops all over the nation, and educating the business community since 1964. One of the many people involved with the Orange County Chapter in SCORE is Vice Chair of Outreach, David Harris. Harris commented that, “the room was full of energy, the presentations were diverse and received well by all. The exhibitors were excited about the contacts derived from the day’s event.  This was our most successful WBOC yet.”

scoreAt the event, women from different areas of business spoke about their experiences in starting their own business, overcoming great adversity, and finally selling their business. One such professional by the name of Nancy Chong, co-owner of Business Builder Video, stated that this event has been the third time her company has worked with the SCORE Women Business Owners Conference. Business Builder Video has served as their online marketing team, creating their website and video assets, and promoting the event through various social media channels. Although Business Builder Video promotes events for other organizations, working with the event chairperson, Debbie Molino, has always been a highlight for Chong and her company. Molino takes a personal interest in making sure that every event is a success for the business community. She is a fantastic organizer, and works tirelessly to make all the events a huge success each year.

170928_SCORE_JM_KCThe SCORE 5th Annual Women Business Owners Conference had many guests that shared their stories, such as Lisa T.D. Nguyen, the founder of Senhoa Foundation. Amongst other accomplishments, Nguyen has been a television host and is very closely involved in Asian entertainment. Her mission philosophy for her organization is a simple one, yet she cannot emphasize enough how important it is to use “positive marketing” techniques to highlight the positive change that people have undergone in countries like Cambodia and Vietnam. Nguyen spoke in-depth about how the Khmer Rouge war in Cambodia that left the country in peril and how her organization hopes to achieve success in helping the people of Cambodia. With the help of her generous partners, such as Swarovski Crystal and famous watch brand, Diesel, she is able to provide jobs for refugees by employing them to make beautiful pieces of jewelry to be sold to clients. One hundred percent of the profits are given back to the foundation to help the refugees piece their life back together and advocate against child slavery and sexual abuse.

Together these women have shown that there is strength in community and nothing is too far-fetched or impossible to achieve, no matter how big of a goal you set for your organization.



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